Advanced Photo Class - Toronto Day to Night

After mastering Manual Photography we look for any excuse to get out and shoot all day!  My advanced students covered a lot of ground on Saturday in this Toronto Day to Night Course Photo Course.

Assignment: Humans of Toronto
This is Victoria.  She is hungover but wide awake.  She is meeting her sister.  Right now she is transitioning from Bartender to Graphics Designer.  Admittedly she was a terrible bartender.  Not fond of Queen West but lover of Parkdale.  Go to food = Sun Fa Dumplings.  Wants to travel to Rio.  Often buys clothing in children's sizes.  At times she feels like a clown, and needs to dial it down.  Thank you for stopping and posing have great style!
Photo by: Michelle Quance

Our Models: Stephanie & Olivia

Freddy Koops AKA Zoolander

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