Beginner Photography Course - Fall 2013

Beginner Photography Course
Fall 2013

On Location

 I will take the liberty to speak in behalf of our group:)
Thank you Michelle for your superior skills in teaching and also making the experience thoroughly enjoyable!

ben stellino

Michelle, thank you for a terrific night!  Your beginner course was awesome and I still can't believe that we all managed an art piece by the end.


…and Michelle, what can I say?  You're an incredible teacher - what I've learned in one beginner class has given me enough knowledge to pull out my camera at any point and shoot with confidence.  Your constructive remarks and positive energy rubbed off on everyone… and your dramatic aperture hands and photo rules will be forever engraved in my mind… I will never knowingly chop off anyone's feet… or not focus on a tomato's eyes :D 

Hope to be able to get together with all (or a few) of you before the show - can't believe how fast this has all happened!!!  I swear that I just opened the box to my new (used) camera a couple of weeks ago.


Best class I ever took! What an amazing group of fun 

talented people!

Jo Carlo

 Agreed Jo! Michelle Quance, you are an amazing 

teacher!     Laura Stoddard

Wonderful class...learned a lot, had so many good 

laughs, and met some great people.....thanks Michelle!

Margot Clayton Jones

The next email is from Jo Carlo to her classmates:

Subject: Re: Artshow Set -up Complete

Hello all!

Thought it might be good to summarize all the info that has been flying around. Heres what I understand so far:

1. Michelle somehow turned us all into gallery show worthy photographers...You are all so talented!
2 We are each bringing a bottle of red and white wine
3. We have a generous, most awesome donation of a billion cupcakes.
4. Laura is bringing ice
5. Isabel mentioned getting juice boxes and water? Confirmed?
6. Gail was bringing something gluten free?
7. Ana is having her staff prepare a few trays of little veggies or something to nibble on
8. Michelle has glasses and napkins for us to use
9. Isabel, Margot and Jo have posted the poster in various places and people are intrigued and say they are coming...lots are coming.
10. Rob Ford is not invited and will be asked to leave if he shows, we do not need that kind of press...
11. We are to arrive between 530 and 6...615 the latest
12 We will look stunning because as Michelle stated..."It's your night to shine"
13 Portfolios are available to be hand passed...hence the no chocolate rule!
14 Various offspring of ours (Ana, Michelle and Jo) will be on hand to help us serve and tidy
15. Who is bringing beer?
16. Kris is bringing a sweet of some kind...
17. Margot to pick up the cupcakes...did I say we love Claire?
18. Buddy was not invited and frankly I think it's a travesty... "Toast to Buddy" at least!
19. We can all submit our receipts and divi it up amongst us to reimburse those that laid out cash.
20. Group therapy starts next Monday cause I cannot believe it's over!....

what else did I miss???

Love you guys!

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